Marissa Janning blog #5: Toughness as the key to consistency, on and off the court

Photo courtesy of Creighton Athletics

As far as my progress goes, there have been a lot of questions from various people asking when I am coming back, how I am doing, if I will come back this year, etc. After talking with Coach Flan, my athletic trainer, our team doctors, my family, and other staff members in Creighton Athletics, we have decided that it is best for the team and myself that I pursue a medical redshirt.

I have been able to do some things at practice again, but have yet to make it though an entire practice. I still experience pain throughout my leg, as well as numbness in my foot. Lateral movements are still very tough for me, running up and town the floor is OK for the first few minutes, but jumping is bothersome — basically I have not been able to progress the way we would have hoped or expected in the eight weeks since I experienced the injury.

At this point, we feel that I would be more of a liability on the floor with all of the limitations I am experiencing. With all of the questions and concerns becoming distracting for both the team and myself, we felt that it was best to pursue a medical redshirt now, rather than keeping the weight of this on our shoulders. I never expected this to happen in my collegiate career, but I continue to use it as a learning experience and a new leadership opportunity. I have 100% confidence in my team that we will continue to get better and be competitive to reach our goals that we set back in September.

Our current overall record is 12–13, and 6–7 in Big East play. We have been slightly inconsistent on the defensive end against certain teams, but have still been pretty solid offensively. In recent games, Coach Flan has questioned our toughness to make effort plays such as diving for a ball, getting the offensive rebounds, communicating through tough times, staying low and competing on defense, running hard, etc.

Having your coach tell you that you aren’t tough enough obviously hurts. Our coaches do a really good job and prepare us for each game with a great game plan, and a solid scout on our opponents. Sometimes we have almost a week to prepare, and other times we one have one day. It makes it tough, especially since every team in the Big East Conference can win or lose to anyone on any given night.

Our focus is so important every day, and our margin for error is very small. I am confident that the last few weeks of conference will prepare us and get us on track to succeed in the conference tournament in early March.

Game of life, with a twist—and shout. Twitter: @alleywhoops

Game of life, with a twist—and shout. Twitter: @alleywhoops